Symbols That Come to Your Mind When You Say – Australia

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  • What comes to your mind when you think of Australia? Which symbols are connected with the home land of Aborigines? Firstly, let us introduce you to one of those states that many people like to call the promised land. Australia is most recently discovered, isolated, spared of all wars. Due to the abundance of natural resource wealth, Australia has enjoyed a high standard of living since the 19th century. To this date, the number of inhabitants has risen to almost 22 million and more than 60% of the population is concentrated in coastal cities. Most of them are settled in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

    Canberra – The Capital of Australia


    Australian people have good health education, civil liberties, political rights, they are very tolerant, artistic with really refined music, and they have been ranked for 2nd human development index globally. Australia is also known for its famous various environment ranging from deserts to mountains - from eucalyptus to tropical forests. What will occupy you most when you decide to travel to Australia is her beautiful, preserved and untouched nature. Land of Kangaroos really stands out with unique plants and animal species that are nowhere else to be found.

     The first difference you will notice is the most various bird species flying around you. If you are carrying something to eat you are very likely to be joined by pelicans or seagulls. The continent, due to its deep aging, long-term geographical separation and changing climate, inhabits a highly diverse plant and animal world. You have probably already heard of the Great Barrier Reef. The largest living entity in the world is about 344.400km long and home to thousands of different species. It is one of the best decorations that this planet has, visible from outer of space and filled with colors like a jewel blue, indigo, sapphire and pure white. Another Australian beauty is Kakadu. Most precious pearl of Australia's national parks. Home of the Aboriginal people more than 50,000 years is filled with over 2000 different types of plants and 280 bird species.

    Kakadu – Largest Australian National Park

    If you are planning to visit Australia, apart from natural beauties, you will certainly enjoy delicious food. Along with the local cuisine which is great, you will find kitchens from all over the world. At most of the places, food & drinks are not expensive – so you can enjoy a really nice meal at a fair price. Naturally, the Australian cuisine is mainly Mediterranean type, including a variety of fresh fishes. If you are meat fan, you can enjoy first-class steaks. Regarding alcohol beverages, Aussies are known beer lovers, though they have excellent red wine. Don't mention European ones, as they do not fall for them at all.

    Now back to our main question – What are the most-known symbols of Australia? Well, certainly there are many of them, but we have selected top 3 – famous animal, Aboriginal tool & delicious meal. Follow next lines to learn more.


    Kangaroo in Australia is also known for nicknames as the buck, boomer or jack. Females are known as flyers, douches, roes, or jills, while young kangaroos, as well as some other puppets, are often called Joey. The name of the kangaroo, written in English, comes from the Aboriginal language, meaning "I do not understand."

    Kangaroo – The most known symbol of Australia


    Namely, when Europeans came to Australia and saw this strange animal, they asked Aborigines about the name. As Aborigines did not understand what the Europeans ask, they told them in their language, and Europeans realized that the "kangaroo" was the name of the animal, which has been kept to date.

    There are 3 main types of the kangaroo: Red Kangaroo (the largest clan and the largest skater of Australia), Eastern Gray Kangaroo and Western Gray Kangaroo. They eat mostly in the evening and at night, and they rest in the shade during the day.


    Boomerang is invented wooden launch gun for hunting made by Aborigines. It can be used in various ways: as a weapon, as a musical instrument, flame-burning tool, bait fishing, and as a toy.

    It can be in different shapes and sizes, such as boomerang called propeller. Although it is not necessary to have a traditional look, it is usually flat. Boomerang can have two or more wings connected at an angle so that during boom they can lift boomerangs. Most of the barometers for fast capture have three symmetrical wings, while those for spacing often have a shape similar to a question mark. Those made to compete in a fight usually have one wing fairly longer than the other.


    Boomerang used by Aborigines


    Today it is mostly used to have fun, but we don't realize that there is a possibility that boomerang was made by pure accident. For an example, if somebody carved the wood with the wrong shape throw it away and then it came back and gave birth to one of the most mysterious and most interesting wooden thing made by human hand.

    Yummy Roast Lamb

    Roast lamb is definitely one of the most popular dishes in the country, and it actually counts for the unofficial national dish of Australia. Nevertheless, in many polls & surveys, it shows leading position along with meat pie and the barbecued sausage in bread. One thing is for sure, Australia is still a country of meat lovers. If you are in the mood for cooking, check out delicious roast lamb recipe below. Bon appetite!