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Online casinos readily accept a broad range of currencies from around the world. Recently, a number of them have begun accepting a new type of currency: cryptocurrency. It's an entirely digital type of money and is designed to not only be very secure, but also completely anonymous in a lot of instances. It’s called ‘cryptocurrency’ because it uses cryptography, which is a process that converts easily accessible information into a code that’s close to impossible to crack. The very first form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched in 2009. Even though hundreds of other cryptocurrencies have since been launched, Bitcoin has remained the most popular and most widely used of them all.

Bitcoin Casino Australia opened the door to players in January 2018


AUSlots Casino started to accept Bitcoins in 2018 and if you are searching for the top rated Bitcoin Casino Australia, don’t look any further. You are just at the right place! Follow next lines to learn more about BTC currency & key benefits of using it.






Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin Currency


The number of bitcoin online spots is on the rise. This is because there are a number of advantages associated with the cryptocurrency that you don’t get with standard currencies. However, there are also several disadvantages to it. Here’s an overview of some key reasons you may want to use Bitcoin and some reasons you may want to use alternative currencies.




When using Bitcoin, you don’t have to link any personal or banking details to your Bitcoin wallet. No such details will ever be shared with any third party. Therefore, when using Bitcoin at Australian online casino, your details are protected. Also, because you don’t have to share your personal details, your transaction history is completely private and no one need ever know what you’re spending your money on. Transactions - that is, both deposits and withdrawals - are carried out almost instantly most of the time. No transactions are taxed, since the Bitcoin system is decentralised; another advantage of it being decentralised is that your Bitcoins are entirely yours and you’re free to do with them as you please. No one can take your funds away from you, nor can they freeze your account.

Decentralised payment system - Bitcoins





While Bitcoin may seem too good to be true, it’s worth pointing out that there are some disadvantages to it, just like with any other currency. One of the main ones is the fact that bitcoin is quite a volatile currency. In other words, its price fluctuates from day to day, due to both the increasing demand for it and the limited number of Bitcoins that are actually available for purchase. Though the number of Australian Bitcoin casinos is steadily increasing, the majority of online casinos don’t accept it as of yet.


Luckily, at AUSlots Casino you can play all your favorites casino games using the most popular cryptocurrency in the World – Bitcoin.






Australian Bitcoin Casino


Bitcoin is steadily becoming more and more widely used. As such, the number of online places that accept it is also on the rise, not just in Australia but in many other countries. AUSlots Casino accepts a broad range of payment methods and has recently started accepting Bitcoins. Check out key aspects of bitcoin gambling including casino games, security, payments & mobile support.


Online Casino Games


Some might think that casinos accepting Bitcoin have different games from casinos that don’t accept Bitcoin. Well, in most cases this is actually true. But not at AUSlots! No matter if you are using fiat or bitcoin currency for deposits, you can enjoy playing over 900 casino games and bitcoin pokies from the best game providers in the industry. From the latest Video Pokies & Jackpot Games to the casino classics such as different versions of Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Video Pokers. Prefer, BitCoin Dice Game? No problem. You name it, AUSlots Casino have it!

Bitcoin Dice Game Screenshot



Security & Fairness


One of the most attractive perks of Bitcoin is the fact that it’s very safe to use. With standard currencies and payment methods, you have to give your banking and personal details to a third party; there’s always the chance of these details being hacked. E-wallets typically request lots .of information from you, including your country of residence, address, copies of household bills, phone number. With Bitcoin, you never have to hand over these details to anyone in order for transactions to be processed. Therefore when using Bitcoin, there’s no risk of things such as identity fraud because you’re not putting your details out there to potentially be hacked.


As for the fairness, it is on the top priority list at Random number generators (RNGs) ensure that all of casino games are completely fair and unbiased. On the other hand, all transaction are encrypted with 128bit SSL security providing extra safety layer.


Payments - Deposits & Withdrawals


Deposits and withdrawals with BTC currency is a straightforward process. Once you make a payment and send coins to your unique bitcoin address you will find in your AUSlots account, you will be able to convert it to the fiat currency of your choice and play your favorite pokie or any other of over 900 casino games. And vice versa!  When you are ready to cash your winning, simple exchange your casino chips into bitcoin currency and request a withdrawal. Simple as that!


Note: AUslots Casino doesn’t charge any additional fees related to the bitcoin payments. Only fees you will ever pay are the standard transaction miner fees in order for the transaction to be processed and included in the network.


Mobile Friendly


AUSlots Online Casino is fully accessible on a broad range of mobile devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. Nowadays, there’s a growing demand for a mobile-friendly platform that can be accessed while people are out and our bitcoin mobile casino is specially designed to fit the smaller screens that mobile devices have.

Mobile Gambling Supported



There is no need to download any kind of application which will take up space on your mobile device. Simply navigate to AUSlots website straight from your browser, log-in and you are ready to go! Our mobile-friendly version of the BTC casino got you covered on the go!

General FAQs


I have just cashed out via Bitcoin. How do I convert Bitcoins into AUD?


Simply visit an online exchange that allows you to sell Bitcoins. If AUD is listed as one of the available currencies, you’ll be able to sell your Bitcoins for AUD, with the amount you’ll receive depending on the current exchange rate.


I am ready to make a deposit via Bitcoin. How do I get Bitcoins?


First of all, you need a Bitcoin wallet, which is where your Bitcoins are stored. All wallets offer the same basic range of features, though some have additional ones, so you may want to shop around before signing up for one.


All wallets come with an address, which is what you’ll use to make and receive payments. Once you have your wallet, you can purchase Bitcoins using your bank account or credit card. As with wallets, there are numerous places where you can purchase them and it’s therefore suggested you see which sites offer the best exchange rates before you purchase any. Once your Bitcoin wallet has funds in it, you can make and receive payments.


Where do I find my Bitcoin address?


To make payments, Bitcoin addresses are used. Unlike emails, where the same address is used over and over again, when using Bitcoin each transaction could use a unique address. Every Bitcoin address consists of 27-34 alphanumeric characters and starts with either the number 1 or 3. You will be able to generate a new address from your Bitcoin wallet. To do so, you simply click on ‘Receive’ if you’re due to receive a payment, or ‘Create new address’/‘Send’ if you’re sending a payment.


How do I pay / deposit with Bitcoins?


Simply, log-in to your Bitcoin wallet and click on “Send”. Enter Bitcoin address and amount. (You will find your unique Bitcoin address in your AUSlots Casino account)


Bitcoin Wallet –



Once your transaction is confirmed, you will be able to exchange Bitcoins for fiat currency and enjoy all the casino games available at AUSlots.


Are Bitcoin casinos legal?


It’s estimated that around 80% of Aussies regularly practise some form of gambling. Though the laws on gambling are quite convoluted, gambling online in Australia isn’t considered illegal and won’t result in anyone getting arrested. Bitcoin is treated the same as other forms of currency, despite it being entirely virtual, so using it for online gambling is also perfectly legal.


What’s the current exchange rate for Bitcoins?


At the time of writing, the exchange rate for Bitcoins was as follows: 1 Bitcoin = 18,367 AUD. It’s important to mention that the exchange rate fluctuates all the time. Generally speaking though, it’s on the rise: back in January 2017, you would get approximately 1,359 AUD for 1 Bitcoin. Remember that different services offer different rates.


Can I make a withdrawal via Bitcoin from my casino account?


Of course! Once you are ready to cash-out winnings, simply convert your casino chips into Bitcoins and request a withdrawal from your casino account.