How Does The All-Ways-Win Feature Work?

If you’ve played slots before, you’ll be familiar with the concept of paylines. The way they work is straightforward: each payline is essentially a line going across the reels, covering one symbol per reel. Even though paylines are a well known feature of slots, quite a few of them use a different way of determining wins: the all-ways-win feature.


What Is The All-Ways-Win Feature?

The Slot Father II Reels – All ways win slot game


To win a payout from a slot with paylines, you need a minimum number of matching symbols (usually three or more) to land on a payline. If enough matching symbols land but they’re not on a payline, you won’t win.


The way the all-ways-win feature works is actually quite similar. Imagine a standard slot grid with three rows, five reels and 15 positions that the symbols occupy once the reels are spun. If a slot has paylines, symbols need to fall on a pre-determined line across the reels for you to win. For all-ways-win slots, they basically have every possible line across the reels as paylines. Therefore, in order to win when playing an all-ways-win slot, you need to land enough matching symbols on consecutive reels, not on set lines.


So long as the symbols are on consecutive reels (starting with the leftmost one most of the time) and there are enough of them (usually at least three), then you’ll be paid. The position the symbols are in doesn’t matter at all.


Slots with paylines usually have anything from a handful to a few dozen paylines. The number of ways you can win is equal to the number of paylines. So, if a slot has 20 paylines, for example, whenever you spin the reels there are 20 different ways you can form winning combinations and qualify for a payout.

3,888 Ways Of The Dragon


With all-ways-win slots, the number of ways to win is much higher. To find out how many ways you can win, for each reel you take the number of rows, then multiply all these numbers together. For a three-row, five-reel slot, you would do 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3, which equals 243. Therefore, if you come across a slot that has three rows and five reels and uses the all-ways-win feature, on every spin there are 243 ways you can win.


With all-ways-win slots, the number of ways to win varies depending on the number of rows and reels there are. Some slots can have thousands, tens of thousands or even over a hundred thousand ways you can form winning combinations.


Discover All-Ways-Win Slots At AUSlots


If you want to see this feature in action, we’ve got quite a few all-ways-win slots you can play here at AUSlots.


One of our favourites is 243 Crystal Fruits by Tom Horn. This slot’s usually played with just five paylines, however whenever the wild forms part of a winning combination you get a respin with the all-ways-win feature in play - in other words, the respin has 243 ways you can win.


Another slot worth mentioning is 3,888 Ways of the Dragon by iSoftBet. Played on a 3 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 grid, this slot has a huge 3,888 ways to win, not to mention special features such as a free spins round and random wilds getting added to the reels. The Slotfather II by BetSoft is also worth a mention. This superbly themed gangster slot by BetSoft has 243 ways to win on every spin, as well as free spins, respins and a gamble feature that lets you gamble all or half your winnings as many times as you wish.


Other all-ways-win slots you might want to check out at AUSlots include Habanero’s Knockout Football, Quickspin’s Divine Dreams and Thunderkick’s Flame Busters.